mGinger is the first of its kind opt-in permission-based mobile marketing platform in India.
mGinger is a service providing targeted advertisements on mobile phones. The advertisements are targeted on a consumer base who have opted-in to this service. The consumer base is built through a registration process in which the consumers specify their commercial interests, maximum number of ads they would like to receive in a day,
convenient time-slots and their demographic information. Apart from getting information related to their particular interests, the consumers also receive monetary incentives for every ad they themselves receive and for each ad received in their network upto two levels of referrals.
Advertisers leverage the service to search for and select consumers based on their commercial interests, location, demographics and other criteria and send specific advertisements to their target audience. And all this without the fear of incurring even a single consumer's wrath. The mGinger platform solves critical problems like content composition, cost of campaign and return on investment measurability for advertisers.
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