How To Market Your Blog?

How To Market Your Blog?
When you're marketing your business through a blog, you can often reach more people, or at least people that you might not have found otherwise. Blog marketing is one of the many forms of viral marketing, or word-of-mouth. By having a more informal environment, people will feel more connected and welcomed, which might encourage them to continue on to your website and purchase your products and/or services more than a formal advertisement would. People like to feel special, and when it comes to marketing, blogs and other viral marketing tools are key to giving people what they want.  This is why it is good to have a ready reference of blog marketing tips to use as a guide.
In a blog, you should avoid formal language and a stale tone. You need to be impersonal, relatable, and conversational with your readers. Blogs are designed to be interesting and fun; if they were meant to be formal they would be articles or academic papers. The first rule of viral marketing is to make people feel something. It doesn't matter if you make them love you or hate you, or if you make them happy, sad, or completely enraged; people thrive on emotional connections, and using those connections to promote your business is a surefire method of successful marketing.
Some other blog marketing tips include:
- Use fun designs, easily read fonts, and short, catchy paragraphs. No one likes a run-on paragraph that they can't skim, so highlight important words and phrases with bold or underlined font to draw the reader's attention to those phrases. It will reassure them that they're reading the right blog, and allow them to stay longer.
- Don't make people sign up or register for your blog. That takes time and effort, and you will lose about 20% of your readers by doing so.
- Make sure that you never charge membership fees. In viral marketing, having to pay to read someone's blog is either seen as offensive or just plain ridiculous.
- Get people's attention. Do something unexpected. You don't have to be offensive or crude, just do something that's never been done before.
- Tell a story. People like stories and plots. They find it easier to relate to. If you want to win them over, give them what they want.
These blog marketing tips should help you with whatever you're trying to accomplish with your blog. For more blog marketing tips and assistance, check out our website. Whether you're looking for information or a marketing professional to provide services, we can help you with whatever your business needs to succeed.
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