How Can I Get Back the Windows 7 Classic Start Menu?

How Can I Get Back the Windows 7 Classic Start Menu?

Windows 7 bought with it various changes, including the removal of features still found in Windows Vista and earlier versions that users could revert to if they wanted. The Windows 7 classic start menu was one of those that was completely removed. However, there is a third party add-on that you can use which will return the classic start menu to Windows 7. Windows 7 does not natively include any such thing, unlike Windows Vista which allowed you to use the classic start menu if preferred.

Classic Start Menu is a small program designed for those who miss the familiar, classic start menu that has been in use since Windows 95. For those of you who found the classic start menu easier to use and better organized, then this is by far your best option. User-friendly and extremely easy to set up and start using, this program will make it seem as though the classic start menu was there all along.

The classic start menu has various advantages over the new start menu that was first introduced in Windows Vista. The new start menu, while still preferred by some, is typically disorganized and not particularly user friendly. It can also be a lot more time consuming to find programs that you don't often use, as they don't get 'pinned' to the start menu. It can also be rather buggy. Programs which you use often may not always be automatically pinned to the start menu for example, completely defeating its purpose anyway.

Using the classic start menu, you can easily arrange and categorize your programs so that they are easy to find and everything is laid out in a familiar way once again. However, you can still enjoy various new features such as the useful 'quick find' feature where you can easily search for programs and files on your computer.

In spite of the complete lack of a classic start menu as an available option in Windows 7, many people are still doubtful about downloading and installing third party programs. However, not only is Classic Start Menu easy to install, but it does not modify any important systems files irreversibly. Any changes can easily be reverted back to normal if you wish.
Also, you get to keep the popular Aero theme. The Pro version of the Windows 7 Classic Start Menu is fully compatible with Aero and all of its features such as transparency. This means that you don't have to sacrifice any of the graphical improvements of Windows 7 to get your classic start menu working.

Classic Start Menu is compatible with all versions of Windows 7. All your programs can be organized from within the start menu itself, as in previous editions of Windows. You can also apply the power off and reset options and various other features that you may find useful.

There is a demonstration version available at, which will give you a chance to try the program before you buy it and upgrade to the Pro version which has its own Aero theme and various other features.
-- About the Author Dennis is the developer of Windows 7 Classic Start Menu that you may find on the site. I spent more than 3 years to tune up this program. In article you will find the advantages of this 7 Classic Start Menu