Reasons to Switch from PC to Mac

Reasons to Switch from PC to Mac



So, you're wondering if switching from PC to Mac is the right decision?
Firstly, lets face it: both platforms have their good points. Although Macs were once the platform of choice, PC's overturned that dominance many years ago, to the point that their presence pervades our schools, workplace and homes. However, a visit to any graphic design firm, motion picture post production facility, or, increasingly, audio production studio, will, more often than not, reveal Macs doing all the important work.

But how about the downside? PCs are known for their vulnerability to viruses, worms, and other malware. So, not only for graphics, movies, music, but, also for virus protection, Apple's platforms come out the winner. Also, the interface of the latest version of Windows, Vista, is largely patterned after Apple's Mac OS X. The new MacBook Air has also raised the bar in terms of thinness and weight, improving portability, whilst magnetic closures and power connectors on all Mac laptops improve protection against damage. 

A big stumbling block for many users switching to Mac has been their familiarity with the world's premier word processing suite, Microsoft Office. Actually, however, Microsoft have been shipping a version of Office for Mac for a good number of years now. In fact, most users have reported a more enjoyable experience using Office on the Mac than on PC. Tie this in with the lower vulnerability of Macs to viruses, and you have every reason to feel more secure using your favorite word processing apps on your new ][everyMac.

Let's focus, too, on the operating systems. Many Windows users have rolled back to XP from their upgrades to Vista, despite Microsoft's stated commitment to discontinuing support for XP in the near future. In stark contrast, Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard, has run, largely, without major issues on all platforms being shipped by the computer giant. This is surely due, in no small measure, to the fact that the company that makes the OS also make the platforms to run it. So, stumble with Vista, or run with Leopard.

Then there are those two extremely covetable portable devices, the iPod and the 3G iPhone - both built by Apple and made to integrate seamlessly with your Mac, and able to run iTunes just as well as on the Mac, meaning you can use your iTunes content in more places with absolutely no fuss.

Year-on-year, sales figures indicate burgeoning numbers of users are switching from PC to Mac. Examine the facts and decide which Mac is right for you.

About the Author Sean Butterworth is a specialist in implementing the Apple platform as an enterprise solution, particularly in the field of non linear editing and motion picture broadcast. Visit Buy the Right Mac to make Macs a part of your digital life.