Computer Operating Systems-Understanding How They Work

Computer Operating Systems-Understanding How They Work

Before, the term "computer" did not refer to the popular device that we know of today. A computer was a job title; it literally meant "somebody who computes." If you have heard of the saying that the first computer was a person, it is true.

Today though, the term computer refers to something else. Yes, it still computes, but it can calculate long mathematical equations and give the result in less than a second and with less than 1% error. That is how accurate the modern computer is right now.

The computer made the typewriter obsolete; you can now type long documents faster and easier with Auto-correct and Spellcheck features. Typographical errors can easily be corrected with the Delete and Backspace keys. The keyboard of a computer, unlike the keys of a typewriter, needs just a soft touch for it to function. You can even add images and graphics to your documents using a computer.

Aside from that, the computer has many other advantages. It has video making, editing, and viewing applications, a music player, a data type converter, and much more. Using a computer, you can utilize any of the different programs and applications available to choose from, or even create programs of your own (A program is a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task.)

Computers can also make use of the Internet which opens another door to a world of limitless possibilities. Communication has been made easy. Whereas before, it would take days for a letter to reach its destination, now it would take only seconds for you to send a message to anyone anywhere in the world via electronic mail (more commonly known as "email").

Chat services made collaboration over long distances possible. With a webcam, you can even see the person you are chatting with. This is best for individuals with family members or friends abroad. It is also very helpful for students when it comes to research. News, sports updates, and even celebrity gossip are also online.

The computer however, also has its disadvantages. Skilled hackers and programmers are able to extract personal information from users. Adult material can easily be accessed by minors. Movies, books, songs and software can be downloaded for free. Computer gaming will most likely result in addiction and thus be harmful for students. Young adults who are adventurous could chat with strangers and there is a possibility for them to be lured into meeting up with these strangers in person.

Because of these things, many consider the computer to be the work of the devil. In my personal opinion however, its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. In fact, it would be hard to imagine life without it.

Almost anyone, whether an amateur or a professional, makes use of the computer in some way, whatever his job or work may be. Even those who are not working yet, students for example, make use of the computer almost daily. For me, the day the computer came into existence was the day the devil did something good.

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